Hey ya'll,

My exciting business venture came about while I was sipping a yummy cabernet on the couch

of our Get-out-of-Dodge cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  My step-girl texted me a DIY 

recipe which said “this would be fun to make”… I texted back  “this would be a fun business!”

I have to confess to you, we were sitting right next to each other on this couch. Millennials! 

Fast forward...Skin Sins was created.

I am blessed to say I am a breast cancer SURVIVOR of 9 years. I endured six months of chemo, a bilateral mastectomy, and a hysterectomy. As a result of this experience, I found that I wanted nothing more than to make people smile, encourage them to enjoy all things big and small, and by all means rock your showers and baths with Skin Sins products as often as possible! 

Sugar kisses,